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We provide a range of different Plumbing Services in Mitcham. Our professional team are all highly trained and able to execute any plumbing job to the highest standard. Below you can find more information about the various services we provide.

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Frozen and burst pipes

Frozen pipes are a prevalent household issue during cold spells and are the type of work our emergency plumber in Mitcham is most called out to during the winter. This issue can affect all sorts of pipe work, from conventional copper pipes to insulated lagged pipes. Although some homeowners attempt to take care of frozen pipes themselves, this kind of plumbing service necessitates the skills of a trained plumbing professional, as otherwise a frozen pipe could end up bursting or forming leaks.

Our plumbers have proven expertise in working with frozen pipes. Our solutions are safe and effective, and we are always happy to offer professional advice on how you can minimise the risks linked to frozen or burst water pipes.

Leaking pipes services in Mitcham

Water leaks are one of the most commonly encountered plumbing problems. Many properties are affected by leaking pipes for weeks or even months without realising there is a problem, until a crisis occurs. The implications of a leaking pipe can range from higher utility bills to health problems, as leaks can contribute to the appearance of damp and mould.

Although water leaks can be notoriously difficult to locate, our team of skilled plumbing contractors make use of the latest technology, which coupled with their ample experience allow them to detect and repair any leaks and cracks, no matter how minor they appear.

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Drain cleaning and unblocking solutions

MDP Plumbing & Heating Ltd offers specialist maintenance and repair drain cleaning services, carried out by fully qualified plumbers. Our specialist drainage team has decades of combined experience carrying out all types of cleaning and unblocking services in plumbing installations. As a result, our plumber in Mitcham can solve most blocked drain problems within Thirty minutes.

We exclusively use state-of-the-art equipment which guarantees the quality of our plumbing jobs. In the case of drain cleaning and unblocking, we use CCTV blockage detection systems and high quality jetting units. This enables us to quickly identify any blockage issues, from slow draining sinks, showers, or kitchens to blocked toilets. We also carry out preventative maintenance services.

Tank and overflow services

The avearge water tank has a expected life of 10-15 years. In soft water areas, corrosion can cause havoc in tanks, triggering leaks and equipment failures. In other cases, tanks develop rust or pinhole leaks because of adverse weather conditions and make a replacement service necessary.

MDP Plumbing & Heating Ltd can help you by providing tank lagging and insulation, tank leak repairs, tank installation and replacement, replacement and cleaning of ball valves, maintenance cleaning of water tanks, water chlorination, repair of tank overflows, and removal of limescale debris.

We also operate a unit of plumbers that specialises in repairing leaks, splitting, and overheating in tanks which work with electric immersion heaters.

Toilet repair and installation services

MDP Plumbing & Heating Ltd offers clean, fast, and professional toilet repair services which include replacement of ball valves, repair of blocked toilets and malfunctioning flushing elements, replacement of busted handles, installation of new toilet units and seats (including Saniflow units), repair of leaking in cisterns, and fitting of syphon. All our toilet repair and installation services are carried out using top quality supplies and parts

Making the work gas safe

If yours is a gas connected job we’ll always send one of our Gas Safe registered Mitcham plumbers to you – someone who will be fully experienced in boiler and home heating repair and installation. And, because we cover the whole Mitcham area, one of our team can usually be with you the same day. We give free estimates and there’s no call out fee.

So whatever your plumbing needs, pick up the phone and contact your local emergency plumber in Mitcham today.